Why should everyone visit Dundee at least once?


Why should everyone visit Dundee at least once?

Dundee isn't confined by its reputation as a jute, jam, and journalistic giant. Scotland's fourth-largest city, situated by the majestic Tay waters, is an ever-evolving playground of creativity and beauty. It's also the first City of Design in the United Kingdom. Planning to stay in Dundee? Why not try our luxury Serviced Apartments? We will be delighted to welcome you! 

Let's see what all the excitement is about this amazing city...

1) Scotland's underground club scene is the best in the world

Although Glasgow is known as the Music City, Dundee is known as the Queen of Scotland's underground music scene because of the Reading Rooms. The Reading Rooms is an Adventureland for Dundee's unique community of music producers, a venue bubbling with natural talent. These wild raves, which take place in a former public library, last until the early hours of the morning. Thanks to the state-of-the-art D&B sound system, this may be the only library where noise is far more golden than stillness.

2) Dundee is the video gaming capital of Scotland

The international success of Scottish video game company Rockstar North, the designers and inventors of classic video game series Grand Theft Auto and blockbuster game Lemmings, has added to Dundee's already legendary design profile. The firm was formed in Dundee as Acme Software in 1984, before becoming DMA Design Limited, and is now situated in Edinburgh as Rockstar North.

3) Dennis The Menace and Gnasher were both "born" in Dundee

In case you didn't know, DC Thomson, the creators of Dennis the Menace, are the undisputed kingpins of Scotland's comic and publishing industry due to such masterpieces as Oor Wullie, The Broons, The Beano, and The Dandy, to mention a few. The company's creative print can be found all around the city, from the dashing Desperate Dan monument to the renowned Courier Building.

4) The city's modest size makes it easy to travel

Dundee's modest size makes it ideal for getting about quickly. Less time stuck in traffic equals more time for Culture Tripping and less frantic navigation.

5) Who doesn't enjoy marmalade on toast?

Dundee and marmalade have a long and symbiotic relationship. Locals experimented with adding chunks of Seville orange rind to give this jam preserve its peculiar Dundodian flavour. As a result, a new sort of Scottish marmalade was formed, with Dundee emerging as a prominent producer. According to legend, it was created by a group of locals who took advantage of a broken-down ship in Dundee port that was carrying these unique oranges!

6) It's never looked so good to eat in a Victorian train station

Bridgeview Station Restaurant, which runs out of a stunning Victorian railway station, is ideal for anyone looking for the best-cooked breakfast in town, breathtaking estuary views, or a Michelin-quality supper without the fuss. The original 1870s train waggon that acts as a take-away shop is a standout feature.

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