Top 8 Instagram Spots in Liverpool


Top 8 Instagram Spots in Liverpool

When you go for a weekend away, you will be sharing snaps with all your friends, whether it’s in your group chat or on social media. Some visitors love taking pictures so they can cherish the memories they made in Liverpool. So, do you want to know all the best spots for that perfect Instagram shot? Here are the top spots in Liverpool for taking iconic pictures. 



Boujee is Instagram heaven with its hot pink backdrop, cheeky playful edge, designer cocktails and exquisite sushi and small plates. It's one of the hottest spots in Liverpool right now. It's owned by Lystra (Real Housewives of Chesire)

The Florist

The Florist is a beautiful restaurant chain with one located in Liverpool. Serving brunch, cocktails and roasts, the venue is renowned for its indoor décor which consists of floral trees and neon lighting. Just take a look at their Instagram to see it in all its beauty. 


The Alchemist 

You have probably spotted this creative and classic cocktail bar and restaurant on your Instagram page as it’s extremely popular with visitors. Their extensive cocktail menu is carefully crafted and served in a “potion” like manner. The Alchemist is really one of a kind and you can guarantee you will be snapping shots of your mysterious cocktails. 


Baltic Triangle

An obvious choice for “Instagramable” spots is anywhere in the Baltic Triangle. This spot is filled with amazing and creative street art on every corner and not to mention the tasty street food which is completely “insta worthy”!


The Bombed-Out Church

Also known as St. Luke’s Church, the Bombed-Out Church lost its roof during the World War II blitz and has now been transformed into a wedding venue, café and a great spot for pictures. The church is incredible to look around and is also filled with so much history. 


The Liverpool Wings

Painted by local artist Paul Curtisthe Liverpool Wings quickly became a popular picture opportunity back in 2017. This mural began the evolution of street art in the Baltic Triangle area which is surrounded by warehouses and independent bars. The artwork enables passers to transform themselves into an “Iconic Liver Bird”. 


Abbey Road Mural

Another masterpiece by Paul Curtis is his Abbey Road Mural which depicts the famous Beatles album cover. The mural encourages visitors to snap their own “Abbey Road” shot by walking along the painted zebra crossing. The mural was commissioned by The Beatles Story and marked the 50th Anniversary of the album. 


Liverpool FC Murals 

Calling all Liverpool FC fans! If you’re spending some time in your favourite city, it wouldn’t be complete without a snapshot of the LFC murals around the city. From celebrating victories to footballing legends, artists have done a fantastic job of turning streets from blank canvases to works of art. Murals of Jurgen Klopp can be found on Jamaica Street or celebrations of their title wins on Bold Street. 


Add some more memories to your photo albums and experience the top Instragramable spots in Liverpool! Book your stay now with Dream Apartments at one of our three Liverpool locations.

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