Things to do During your Weekend Break to Belfast | Part 1


Things to do During your Weekend Break to Belfast | Part 1

Are you planning a visit to Belfast? Then why not stay at the city's favourite pick for a luxurious stay at our Serviced Apartments, where you will enjoy a home away from home experience? With over 100 apartments spread over five distinct locations in Belfast, you are never far from something exciting. So it's only fair that we share the best things you can get up to during your stay.

In this article, we will look at:

  1. Familiarise Yourself with a City Center Architecture Walk

  2. Look out for Ulster History Circles

  3. Visit St. George's Market

  4. Appreciate Belfast Street Art

  5. Explore MAC Belfast

Familiarise Yourself with a City Center Architecture Walk

Belfast's architecture is largely Victorian, with a touch of Art Deco thrown in for good measure. If you've ever been to Belfast, you may remember an opulent Tesco supermarket located in the former First Trust Bank. We think Tesco's efforts to retain the space's grandeur are quite impressive. Dublin City Council has reclaimed the property, which is now home to 2 Royal Avenue, an art and cultural centre.  

You will notice that the Ulster Hall (the Belfast City Council's headquarters) has a colourful crest on top of the building. Belfast's life revolves around the City Hall, which is surrounded by a stunning, plush green space. Why not make time to see Queen's Arcade? And look up at the beautiful dome and elaborately adorned pastel ceilings of Belfast Public Library, enjoying 19th-century Victorian architecture.

Look out for Ulster History Circles

Ulster History Circles can be found across Belfast, explaining some lesser-known events and individuals. The Ulster History Circle for John Boyd Dunlop is a keen favourite. He was a Belfast veterinarian who also designed the modern tyre. Who would have guessed?

Visit St. George's Market

If you're a keen foodie, visit St. George's Market in Belfast. St. George's Market is one of the most cherished farmers' markets and food halls in Europe, with a wide range of eye-catching goods to buy and delectable foods to eat. Musicians frequently perform in the middle sitting area, adding to the festive ambience. The music selection ranges from blues to big bands.

Appreciate Belfast Street Art

Belfast has a lot of edgy street art. For a concentrated dose of Belfast Street Art, head to Commercial Court. Salvador Dali is certainly influenced by some of the street art. We really like how Belfast's Commercial Court is now adorned with neon umbrellas. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for some of the greatest street art in Belfast's Cathedral Quarter.

Visit MAC Belfast

Be sure to visit The MAC Belfast on St. Anne's Square to see the great free displays. The wide airy galleries currently exhibit Alfred Wallis and Ronnie Hughes. Hughes created geometric designs in bright hues, while Wallis painted seascapes on cardboard to fill the vacuum left by his wife's death.

To continue exploring all that the city of Belfast has to offer, read Parts 2 and 3 of "Things to do During your Weekend Break to Belfast".

Are you thinking of planning a trip away to Belfast? Check out our serviced apartments. They will make your stay feel like a home from home. 

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