The Best Things to do Mid-Week in Manchester Part 2


The Best Things to do Mid-Week in Manchester Part 2

Following on from our last article about the best things to do mid-week Manchester, we have another list of top activities, as we thought there was too much not to show you! If you happen to be staying at one of our serviced apartments in Manchester, definitely give this blog a read for some inspiration. 

Tour a football stadium

Manchester is home to two of the world's most famous football teams, the Manchester United reds and Manchester City blues. The teams, as well as their supporters, have a long and storied rivalry. The Red Devils have called Old Trafford home since 1910. You can also visit the Old Trafford Museum as part of the stadium tour, where you can act as if you're leading the squad out of the tunnel. If you're a City fan, The Etihad Stadium offers a  stadium tour that includes hosting a news conference and sitting in your favourite player's seat in the home changing room.

Look around the National Football Museum

The National Football Museum in Manchester, situated in a suitably magnificent building - the sloping, six-story glass Urbis building near Victoria railway station - includes some fabulous treasures of the world's most popular sport. The 1966 World Cup Final ball, Maradona's "Hand of God" jersey, and the only surviving Jules Rimet world cup trophy are shown here. They also have Sir Stanley Matthews' (1915-2000) personal collection on display, who was regarded as one of the best English players of all time. The exhibitions are fee-based, although admission is free.

Cycle in a circle

If Sir Chris Hoy or Laura Trott have inspired you, come to the National Cycling Centre and try your hand on an indoor Olympic-standard track. Over 12s can sign up for a Velodrome taster session and spend an hour learning how to ride the banked sides.


The Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) is free to enter, and you can easily waste several hours seeing a running cotton mill or experiencing a Victorian sewer (smells and all) - if you're going for the first time, see their top ten "must sees". The Manchester Museum includes real animals in its Vivarium, such as frogs and lizards. The Democratic People's History Museum, which exhibits political artefacts from Britain's fight for equality, is dedicated to working-class history. On Tuesdays, you can learn more at the Greater Manchester Police Museum.

See where the Suffragettes started

The movement for women's rights began at No. 62 Nelson Street, which is now the Pankhurst Centre. Emmeline Pankhurst resided there with her family, and it was there that the Women's Social and Political Union had its inaugural meeting. The museum, which honours the struggle for women's equality, is only open on Thursdays.

Why not check out Part 1 of "The Best Things to do Mid-Week in Manchester." and discover more about one of the best cities in the U.K?

If you need a place to stay after all this exploring, book your stay beforehand in one of our serviced apartments located in the heart of Manchester! 

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