The Best Things to do in Newcastle Mid-Week


The Best Things to do in Newcastle Mid-Week

We have gathered our favourite ways to enjoy your time in Newcastle during the week in this blog post. So, if you are staying at one of our Newcastle serviced apartments, why not have a read and gather some inspiration for your mid-week adventures?

1) Head up to the Ouseburn Valley

East of Newcastle's city centre is the Ouseburn Valley. It's a long walk from Grey Street, but it's just around 20 minutes if you're already near The Baltic. If you rather not walk, you can take bus 22 from Newcastle Central Station, but we would only do so if you're near because, depending on what you want to do in Ouseburn, it won't save you much time. 

2) The Biscuit Factory

The Biscuit Factory is definitely one of the nicest things to see and do in Newcastle, and not because it manufactures biscuits! The Biscuit Factory is the biggest independent art, craft, and design gallery in the United Kingdom. The Biscuit Factory is a two-story art gallery with a cafe that features jewellery, sculptures, ceramics, unique prints, and more.

Address: Biscuit Factory, 16 Stoddart St, Newcastle 

3) Seven Stories 

The National Centre for Children's Books is known as Seven Stories. Its name comes from the seven levels or floors of the refurbished Victorian mill where it is situated, and it is dedicated to the preservation of children's literature. It is more than simply a museum; it is also a place where children and their families may write, read, craft, and dress up.

Address: 30 Lime St, Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle 

4) Victoria Tunnel Tours

Ouseburn is where you'll find the Victoria Tunnel Tours meeting spot (55 Lime Street, Ouseburn Valley). The Victoria Tunnel was established as an underground wagonway to move coal in the mid-nineteenth century, then transformed into an air-raid shelter in 1939 to protect Newcastle residents during World War II. A guided tour of a section of the tunnel is available all year, although reservations are required. The Cluny, The Free Trade Inn, and The Cumberland Arms come highly recommended if you're searching for a pub in Ouseburn.

5) Have a coffee at flat caps coffee

Flat Caps Coffee is a spacious cafe where you may sample a variety of coffees and small bites. Locals enjoy the opportunity to come in and have some work done as well.

Address: 9-11 Carliol Square, Newcastle 

6) Visit Newcastle castle 

Newcastle Castle was previously the name of the city, and its history stretches back to the second century, when the Romans built a fort on the site of what is now Newcastle Castle. Simply because of this, it is one of the top things to do in the North East of England!

Unfortunately, little remains of the ancient fortress, although the later constructed Castle Keep and Black Gate can still be visited. You must purchase a ticket to enter Newcastle Castle, although you are free to tour the grounds and pass through the gate.

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