The Best Bars In Liverpool


The Best Bars In Liverpool

Liverpool is known as one of the top social cities in the United Kingdom. With so many excellent pubs, clubs, and restaurants, visitors and residents are spoiled for choice. Make the most of your time with us at your serviced apartment in Liverpool's city centre by taking in the lively atmosphere. Dream Apartments have brought together the best of the best when it comes to cocktails bars you need to visit during your stay. 

Santa Chupitos

Santa Chupitos, home of the Five Dollar Shake, isn't for the faint of heart.

This tiny candlelight location billed as a "cocktail emporium" and is home to some of the industry's best mixologists. You'll find more rum, exorbitant amounts of tequila, and more fire than any other bar in the city, along with an eccentric ambience and a limited but superb cocktails menu. Santa Chupitos, located off the main path on Slater Street, brings the sheer joy of drinking back to life and is one of Liverpool's most incredible cocktail bars.

The Underground Gin Society

The Underground Gin Society is a hidden treasure on Castle Street where you can sample some of Liverpool's greatest gin-based drinks. 

This cocktail bar is a local favourite because it combines the best global gins with impressive garnishes and flavours. Before 8 p.m., there is a comfortable "after work" feeling, and after 9 p.m., there is an energetic and dynamic vibe.

El Bandito

The sister-venue of Santa Chupitos is next on our list of the top cocktail bars in Liverpool. El Bandito is tucked away beneath the main theatre, accessible via a set of basement stairs.

This tequila bar, dimly lighted and reminiscent of a desert saloon, provides a romantic atmosphere, candlelit nooks, and lots of hard-hitting tequila delights until the wee hours of the morning. Serving up powerful yet delectable drinks, you'll quickly find yourself engulfed in tequila bliss.

The Bastion Bar & Restaurant

The perfect pub for football enthusiasts is the next stop on our list of the finest bars in Liverpool. The Bastion Bar & Restaurant in Liverpool offers a one-of-a-kind experience, combining the history of Liverpool FC and its most renowned manager with an exquisite drinking experience in the heart of the city.

You can experience rare memorabilia from football icon Bill Shankly while indulging in exquisite cocktails created by skilled cocktail makers at The Shankly Hotel on Victoria Street.

Make sure to check out The Beatles' telegram to Shankly, wishing the Reds success in the FA Cup final, as well as Bill's own typewriter, which has been meticulously conserved for future generations.

Some Place

To discover Liverpool's sole absinthe and cognac institution, follow the green light of this hidden tavern. This hidden cocktail bar has no doors, only a stairway with a single green light at the top.

Someplace is serious about its work. Dangerously decadent cocktails are served in this dimly lighted bar. Stay true to the spirit with absinthe-laced sugar cubes, or get involved with their unique water fountains and absinthe pipes. Who knows, maybe the green fairy herself may visit you!

Liverpool has so much life to offer and Dream Apartments will welcome you with open arms! Check out our serviced apartments in Liverpool. You can also book direct and save 10%, it's time to plan ahead!

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