Planning Your Trip To Manchester


Planning Your Trip To Manchester

Have you recently booked a staycation in Manchester and are browsing what this great city has to offer? Our stunning Serviced Accommodation in Manchester is located a short distance from the revitalised Chapel Street, between Deansgate and Salford Quays. It is ideal for both holidaymakers and business travellers and a perfect base for exploring the different sights and Manchester offers. 

Although London may be the obvious choice for many visitors to the United Kingdom, Manchester, its northern cousin, provides a comparable mix of culture, fine cuisine, and excitement. Manchester United, the city's football team, has made it the UK's third-most-popular tourist destination for several years. It's simple to go about due to a well-developed public transit infrastructure. It's an excellent starting point for visiting famous tourist destinations such as the Lake District and Liverpool.


Ideal Time to Visit: The weather in Manchester is mild for much of the year, but the summer and early autumn are the best seasons to enjoy the outdoors. Avoid the crowds and take advantage of shorter lineups at popular sites by visiting in the late autumn. Although it rains considerably less than you may expect, make sure to bring an umbrella and a jacket.

Language: English, however many other languages are spoken throughout the United Kingdom, including Spanish, French, and Arabic.

Currency: The pound sterling (GBP), more often known as "the pound," is England's national currency.

Getting Around: The city's extensive public transportation system, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), connects the city centre with numerous suburbs via bus, tram, and local rail. Taxis and Uber are available, as well as vehicle and bicycle rentals.

Travel Tip: Allow at least three days to experience everything Manchester has to offer. The city provides a variety of areas and suburbs worth seeing, and you'll want to leave enough time to sample all of the city's cuisines and eateries. Museum enthusiasts will have many areas to cover, so plan ahead of time and prioritise your schedule.


Manchester, like London, is a varied and dynamic city with much to see and do, depending on your preferences and interests. The National Football Museum and the Imperial War Museum North are among the city's museums, as are is its vibrant soccer culture. Numerous tourists often include Manchester in a longer itinerary because it is close to many natural attractions, such as the Peak District and the Lake District. Several day trips can be made from Manchester, many of which are accessible by rail or bus.

▪ Before attending a Manchester United match at Old Trafford Stadium, visit the National Football Museum.

The Old Wellington, a historic tavern that dates back to 1552, is a great place to eat. The cuisine is conventional and rustic, featuring classics like fish and chips and burgers and plenty of beer.

▪ Visit the Pankhurst Centre, which is the former home of Emmeline Pankhurst and commemorates the Suffragettes' first meeting. The event is free to attend.

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