Liverpool Stag Do Guide


Liverpool Stag Do Guide

Liverpool is a stunning city with a rich history, culture, flair, and a thriving nightlife, making it an ideal location for a stag party (some even think it rivals London hen parties!). Organising a stag party may be difficult, so if you're not sure where to begin, check out our guide to Liverpool hen parties.

If you're searching for luxury lodging in Liverpool or stag party ideas, we've got you covered with the best activities for your weekend. 

What to Do

Put on a costume

Whether or not you have a theme, every stag do needs a few silly props to make it official. Smiffy's on Bold Street and Lili Bazarre on Tarley Street are the best places in Liverpool to get everything you need to embarrass or enchant the stag. Don't forget to bring a learning sign, a ridiculous skirt, and a couple of wigs.

Participate in a Silly Activity

Now that you're all dressed up for the stag do, it's time to get the party started with some silly activities.

Body Sphering 

Body sphering is a must-do activity for every stag do. It entails throwing a large plastic padded ball over your head, arms, and torso and rushing into each other to see what happens. Expect to participate in games like Bulldog and tig, which will have you all rolling on the floor with laughter.

Football in the Bubbles

Similar to body sphering, except this time you'll be divided into teams in your bubbles and attempt to play football against each other. It may look easy, but believe us when we say it is not.

Survival of the Zombies

Take part in one of the incredible zombie survival activities if you want to get your pulse racing and your adrenaline surging. You and your stags will have to race against the clock to avoid the fatal sickness that is sweeping through the city centre of Liverpool.

While being chased by real-life zombies, you'll need to live by finding crucial pieces of equipment and, of course, avoiding being captured and infected.

Football with Goggles

Do you think you're good with a ball? When you bend it like Beckham while wearing some of the specially made Visual Impairment glasses, everyone will be in stitches.

This sport is essentially a game of 5 a side football, except that everyone is wearing goggles that make the ball appear 5 times farther away or 5 times closer. Doesn't that sound like a laugh?


Footgolf is a football-related activity that is coupled with a round of golf. The goal of the game is to kick the football into the holes on the course in the fewest kicks possible.

Take on nine or eighteen holes of football-themed golf as you strive to escape the sand traps and avoid the fairways.

Are you ready to explore Liverpool with your stags? Book a stay in our self-catering apartments, where you can set up a base for your exciting weekend away!

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