Halloween Events Taking Place in Dundee


Halloween Events Taking Place in Dundee

There's a chill in the air, and we don't simply mean that the weather is cooling down. Halloween is just around the corner. In Scotland, they take it very seriously, with ancient customs and superstitions still alive today. 

What are your plans for All Hallows' Eve? Are you hiding under the covers? Is a weekend getaway or a city break in Dundee on the cards for you? Located in the West End of Dundee, our Serviced Apartments are ideal for both leisure and business travellers looking for a home away from home while in town. 

We've put up a list of the best things to do this Halloween with a variety of events to fit everyone's tastes, from family-friendly activities to the truly scary. Haunted homes, ghost tours, horror movies, pagan fire festivals, and more are all available.

Halloween at the Science Centre

Friday 29th October, Saturday 30th October or Sunday 31st October 2021.

Put on your scariest costume and attend Dundee Science Centre for its frightening science lab of make-and-take activities this Halloween. Are you courageous enough to put your hand into our cauldron of wiggling worms and other horrid mysteries?

From mask-making workshops to the Halloween Dance Party, there are a variety of activities and make-and-take stations to choose from. Finish with a slime-making lesson to produce your own sticky slime. You will leave with the slimy monster you created!

Dundee Discoveries Past and Present: Self-guided Walking Tour

Dundee is known across the world for its groundbreaking medical research. This includes revolutionary cancer and diabetes studies, as well as novel medications and surgical procedures. Much of this work is done at the University of Dundee, although the city has a long history of invention and discovery. Each of the three walking tours available will take you to some of the most spectacular places in the city. Try the Scavenger Hunt along the way for younger adventurers!

Seek and Peek!

A playful trail around the waterfront plaza.

This October, grab a free seek and peek! Play trail from Dundee's outdoor activity cart. This colourful path, designed by Dundee-based designer Cara Rooney, will take you and your family on a waterfront exploration of the plaza, urban beach, and gardens. What could you learn and accomplish today? This is a self-guided path, not an event, so there's no need to reserve; just turn up and have a great time!

Parklives Dundee

ParkLives is a simple and free way to get the most out of your neighbourhood park. Free activity programmes will be held across Dundee's parks. From Orienteering to Insanity, there's something for everyone in the family to do.

Participate in one or all of the sessions. Whatever you do, all ParkLives activities are free, accessible to the public, and you'll meet a lot of new people. It's not about setting world records in sports; it's all about having a good time!

Does Dundee sound like a place you'd like to explore? Why not book a stay in our serviced apartments and set out to take in the sights of the city! Book now.

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