Dream Apartments Middlesbrough Healthy Food Guide  


Dream Apartments Middlesbrough Healthy Food Guide  

Have you recently booked a staycation in Middlesbrough and are browsing what this great city has to offer? Our stunning Serviced Accommodation in Middlesbrough is located on the River Tees; the town is just five kilometres from Teesport, England's third-largest port. Middlesbrough boasts a bustling town centre with plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment, in addition to being a significant freight destination with world-class commercial prospects.

Why not support the friendly locals of Middlesbrough by reading our guide to the city's top healthy food spots for the next time you're looking for a bite to eat.

1) Alkaline Kitchen 

In February 2019, the Alkaline Kitchen vegan eatery opened its doors. The menu varies every day. Small dishes, such as pistachio cheese nachos, main courses, such as African okra stew, and sweets, such as pancakes, might be served. They even do fresh a smoothie menu!

2) Base Camp

This is an autonomous venue for music and the arts and beverages and vegetarian food in the Historic Quarter. Seitan is included in burgers accompanying shawarmas on the menu; everything veggie could ever ask for on a menu! 

3) Cafe Etch

Although meat is served, this place does a fantastic job at offering vegan choices. They get their bakery goods from the infamous Sun flour vegan bakery, offering vegan sweets, cakes, pastries, and pies, among other things. There's also a vegan sandwich. Kombucha and plant milks are among the beverages available. 

4) Henry's Cafe

Henry's Cafe also serves meat options, but they still provide top-quality vegan and veggie alternatives. You can browse their vegan milk, vegan breakfasts and lunch items such as toast, jacket potatoes, and beans, toasted teacakes, and certain ice creams are available.

5) Jean's Kitchen

Serving meat, accessible vegan alternatives. This British style conventional market café added its vegan menu in Oct 2018. A complete English menu includes breakfast, burgers, curries, potatoes, chills and rice.

6) The Blue Bell 

The blue Bell offers healthy meat choices, as well as vegan ones. You may recognise it as part of the Great UK Pubs franchise, including vegan options such as beef pie, build-your-own burgers, vanilla ice cream, and more.

7) The Cauldron Bistro

The spot is the perfect place for breakfast, lunch or tea. Dine in a relaxed atmosphere. There are vegan options on the menu, such as lasagne and cauldron parmo. You can make your own breakfast using vegan sausage patties and vegan eggs. Plant based milks are also available. Lunch is served on the last Sunday of each month, serving delicious meat and vegan options.

8) The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper restaurant and bar are part of the nation wide Pied Piper franchise. Offering a variety of vegan options, including chilli 'non-Carne with rice and corn nachos, sweet potato lentil dhansak, crispy Quorn nuggets with sweet chilli sauce and rice, and vegan jerk bean burgers. Depending on the branch, several different variations may be available. 

Are you thinking of planning a trip away to Middlesbrough? Check out our serviced apartments. They will make your stay feel like a home from home. 

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