Best Newcastle spots to visit in the summer


Best Newcastle spots to visit in the summer

Regardless of the season, it's always great to get outside into the fresh air and appreciate nature. Despite being a metropolis, Newcastle and its neighbouring Gateshead are densely packed with parks and gardens, making it much simpler to enjoy some fresh air without having to drive far. If you are staying at one of our two central Newcastle locations, make sure to check out these calm spots for a break.

Jesmond Dene

Jesmond Dene, located in Newcastle's affluent neighbourhood, is a large expanse of changing terrain that is ideal for a summer stroll. Follow the river as it curves through the urban park, passing through tunnels, green nooks, trees, and tranquil spots until a spectacular waterfall arrives. As you move farther into Jesmond Dene, you'll notice that it's popular with dog walkers and fitness enthusiasts and a great place to gain some alone in the city. Families like visiting The Pet's Corner in Jesmond Dene to see the park's furry and feathered residents, and the park's café is a delightful pitstop for anybody in need of a hot coffee or a sweet treat.

Ouseburn Parks

Ouseburn is both a creative centre and a natural refuge in Newcastle. Wander travels through the woods and beside the Ouseburn River to the Quayside, going under the Byker Bridge. Alternatively, for a lengthier, leafier stroll, head in the opposite direction and follow the river from the Quayside to Jesmond Dene, passing through Ouseburn and Heaton Park. Ouseburn Farm, a thriving urban community farm, is also located in the valley. The Ouseburn Trust has put up a series of self-guided tours to help you learn more about the famous site. The Ouseburn self-guided treks are available for downloaded here.

Exhibition Park, Newcastle

Exhibition Park is one of the most stunning city parks in Newcastle. Wylam Brewery and many popular events are held at the Palace of Arts. It is an excellent starting point for a variety of fun runs and Park Runs. With a takeaway coffee and cake from the Palace of Arts, you can enjoy Exhibition Park's blend of tree-lined walks, enormous informal lawned spaces, stunning flowerbeds, a lake, and a range of recreational activities including a skatepark and children's play area. Exhibition Park is a lovely spot to walk in the centre of Newcastle or travel over to Town Moor to explore the broad grassy landscape - keep an eye out for the cows that graze there in the summer!

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