Belfast Freshers' Guide


Belfast Freshers' Guide

From the 16th to the 20th September is Freshers' Week in Belfast. You'll find the two major Unis giving away free food and drinks, including free tea and coffee and free pizza, in addition to inflatables and other games. If this is your first Freshers' Week, you're probably a little overwhelmed by it all. That's why we've created the only Freshers' Guide you need before you start your next chapter in Belfast.

What is Freshers' Week, exactly?

Freshers' Week is a week (or occasionally two weeks) for new university students to try out some of the extracurricular activities on offer. A large number of organisations and sports groups at universities is well-known across the country. Freshers' Week is a chance for students to take advantage of the opportunities available to them. It also allows you to try new activities, meet new people, and make new friends!

Despite its name, "Freshers" Week is not exclusively for first-year students ("freshers" is short for "freshman," a student in their first year). Any student, regardless of their academic year, is welcome to attend. Freshers' Week is designed to help students flow into university life by allowing them to experience new activities and sports that are open to all students regardless of their year of study. So, even if you aren't a "fresher," feel free to participate in Freshers' Week events.

Debating groups, environmental societies, and chocolate, cheese, or wine tasting societies are all examples of different clubs. Sports clubs are similar in that they provide a variety of alternatives to select from. You can play football or hockey, as well as floorball or extreme frisbee - whatever your Uni has to offer; you'll be sure to find something that interests you!

How much money do you need for Freshers' Week?

The amount of money you'll need will be determined by how you intend to spend Freshers' Week. This means that most activities, particularly those involving alcohol, must be paid for by students. If you want to attend all of the club nights and pub crawls, you'll need a lot of cash. This, of course, depends on how much you drink. For example, because someone may be known for being a 'light-weight,' they hardly require more than three drinks to have them dancing like a lunatic on the dancefloor, resulting in a very inexpensive night. On the other hand, some people require seven or eight drinks before they are ready to join in, so they spend significantly more money.

Instead of charging for taster sessions, societies and sports clubs typically provide discounted socials during Freshers' Week as a method to attract new members. Attending as many taster sessions as possible is highly recommended. In addition to the fact that they're completely free, these events are a fantastic chance to try new things and push yourself beyond of your comfort zone in a safe and courteous setting. In the absence of trying anything new, you might continue a hobby or sport that you loved before attending university.

So, as you can see, Freshers' Week can be experienced in a variety of ways. Freshers' Week is entirely up to you. It doesn't matter what kind of lifestyle you lead or what kind of socialising you enjoy. It doesn't matter if you want to party or socialise sober. As well as sports and societies, if you like. Always have something to do.

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