There’s not long left to apply for the 2019 Great North Run through the ballot

When is the deadline to apply for the Great North Run general ballot?

Anyone interested in applying for a Great North Run place through the ballot must do so by 12 noon on Monday, February 4.

To apply, click here.

It allows runners to apply for a race place, without having to raise money for charity (although they are still free to fundraise if they wish to).

It costs £56 to enter the Great North Run, Newcastle through the ballot. You will only be charged if you get a place, although you have to submit card details with your application.

When and how will I find out if I’ve got a place?

Applicants will receive and email on or before Friday, February 8, to confirm whether or not they have a Great North Run place.

When is the 2019 Great North Run?

This year’s half marathon from Newcastle to South Shields takes place on Sunday, September 8.