Dream Apartments Newcastle Accessibility

  • Dream Apartments is situated just beside the Newcastle quayside and Grainger Market, only 5- 10 minutes away from the city centre is the Dream Apartments Quayside Building. It is a self – catering luxurious apartments company that gives an unmemorable experience to its guests. Dream Apartments in Newcastle has a wide range of apartments available in Newcastle.
  • Type of the apartments: 1 Bedroom Apartments 2 Standard Bedroom Apartments 2 Bedroom Deluxe Apartments 2 Bedroom Penthouse Apartments 3 Bedroom Apartments 3 Bedroom Deluxe Apartments in Newcastle Dream Apartments have 32 apartments available.


Pre Arrival

  • There are many ways to get to the building. Newcastle Public Transport developed services are available to reach nearly every destination within reasonable time.
  • The nearest bus stops are just only 5 minutes walking distance from the property: City road Gibson street, New Bridge street St. Dominic’s, New Bridge Street-Blackfriars
  • The nearest Railway Station is the Central Station which is allocated only 10 minutes walking distance from Dream Apartments Quayside.
  • There are several Taxi services available in Newcastle. The most popular is the LA taxis (0191287 77 77) and Dream Apartments Newcastle have a contract with them so we can organise travelling within just a few minutes.
  • The street where the Building is located is paved and even numbered.
  • Local Services for disabled people like equipment hire, wheelchair repair, shop mobility, Newcastle shop mobility provides mobility equipment for use. The service is based in Eldon Garden Shopping Centre, which is 10 minutes’ walk from our Dream Apartments Quayside building and 5 minutes’ walk from Grainger Market building


Car Parking and Arrival

  • Dream Apartments in Newcastle is situated at 69 City road, Dream Apartments Quayside NE1 2AQ.
  • Within the Building there is a secured, base- parking area available.
  • On Arrival there is a drop – off point in front of the building that is also can be used for a few minutes meanwhile a guest will be provided a code at the reception which is going to let them in to the car parking area.
  • There is an additional £12.00 charge per day/vehicle for the car parking.
  • Dream Apartments have 15 car parking spaces available and a guest are always informed about the availability at the reception.
  • Also there is a height restriction for the car parking area which is 2.1 metres.
  • Our Car parking spaces are situated on level -0
  • There is 1 lifts elevator available in the building and there is no difference in the level of the path and the entry.
  • On the stairs which is only used fire safety reasons there are handrails available.
  • The doors clear opening width is 0.77 metre but the main entrance door is a double door that can be also opened so in total 1.54 metres.


Welcome Area

  • The welcome area is absolutely step free.
  • At the reception welcome are there are seating (sofa, chairs) available.
  • The floor surface is tiles.
  • The area is very well lit with using motion controlled spot lights on the ceiling on the corridors.
  • The reception is also very well-lit constantly with spot lights on the ceiling.
  • On Arrival one of Dream Apartments` employees show the property to the arrived guests and give clear information about everything that can be useful during their period of stay.
  • Dream Apartments employees always offer their help to assist carrying the luggage to the actual apartment(s).


  • Dream Apartments in Newcastle has 5 ground floor apartments in Grainger street there are 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments available from the 2nd
  • The apartments are named by the level of the floor and the number of the apartments. (Like 2 nd floor apartment number 3 is named as 203.) The names of the apartments are also available on the key tags, provided by the receptionist on arrival.
  • The clear door opening width is 0.77 metre.
  • Most of the furniture in the apartments are mobile apart from the built – in furniture. For request the staff is more than happy to help and assist to the guests to move furniture around.
  • In some of our, 2 Bedroom apartments, 2 Bedroom Penthouse Apartments, 3 Bedroom apartments, 3 Bedroom Deluxe apartments there is a zip – link double bed that can be split for request0.
  • In every apartment there are double beds.
  • There are sofa beds available in all our 1 bedroom apartments. And there is a sofa in every apartment.
  • The height of the bed(s) to the top of the mattress is 0.65 metre.
  • In the apartments several types of lighting available from the bedside lamps (2 in every bedroom), central ceiling lights (1 in every bedroom), and ordinary spotlights (at the entrance of every apartments). Additional bedside lamps can be requested.
  • The colour contrast of the floor, walls and doorways can be described as grey colour. The walls are in the apartments and the corridors are white, the colour of the carpets are dark grey.
  • The only area in the apartments where are different flooring is the kitchen and the bathroom area where are tiles.
  • There is one wardrobe in every bedroom.
  • Non – allergic bedding can`t be guaranteed.
  • Subtitles/ audio descriptions, written instructions can`t be guaranteed, however Dream Apartments provide all information necessary about the televisions to the guests on arrival.
  • There are no telephone devices available in the apartments, however for request the telephone at the reception desk can be used.

Bathrooms, Shower – rooms and Toilets 

  • There is no level difference from the bedroom to the en – suite or shared facilities
  • The door opening width is 0.77 metre.
  • The showers are over the bath.
  • The height of the WC is 0.41 metre from floor to seat.
  • The height of the washbasin is 0.67 metre and 0.825 to the top of it.
  • There is no clear space under the washbasin.
  • In the apartments there are mixed taps on the sink and bath.
  • The bathrooms are well – lit with spotlight on the ceiling.
  • The colour contrast of the bathrooms are white.
  • The colour contrast of the floor, walls, doorways and towels are beige, white.
  • The flooring in the bathrooms are white tiles.


Public Areas 

  • There are stairs available in the building situated just beside the two elevators.
  • The stairs are provided with hand rails.
  • The corridors are quite spacious and well – lit with energy saving, motion controlled spotlights on the ceiling.
  • The flooring in these areas is short pile carpet, beige coloured.
  • There are 15 steps between floors and there is handrail available.



Additional Information

  • There is an evacuation plan in every apartment. It is a large print fitted to every door.
  • The staff of Dream Apartments are trained to assist.
  • Energy – saving spotlights are used in every apartment.
  • Newcastle shop mobility provides mobility equipment for use. The service is based in Eldon Garden Shopping Centre, which is 10 minutes walk from our Dream Apartments Quayside building and 5 minutes walk from Grainger Market building
  • Local Hospitals/ Doctors The closest hospitals are: Royal Victoria Infirmary Address: Queen Victoria road, Newcastle, NE1 4LP Phone : 0191 233 6161
  • Emergency Dentist for Adults and for Children: Newcastle Dental Hospital Address: Richardson rd, NE2 4AZ